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Wrongly convicted post office workers require compensation

 The independent inquiry into how hundreds of post office workers were falsely accused of theft, fraud and fraudulent accounting as a result of computer error has been asked to demand immediate compensation for the victims. In a preliminari hearing of an inquiry into one the most significant mistakes in British legal history, Sam Stein QC, representing 151 postal office owners, said any attempt by the Post Office and government to put the issue of compensation on the back to be dealt with until the conclusion of the inquiry must be rejected.

 The inquiry chair, the retired judge of the high court Sir Wyn Williams: “Frankly, we are concerned that Post Office Ltd and cutter aviation wedding stage maxi dress for wedding atif aslam wedding pics BEIS (the Department for Business and Industrial Strategy, Energy andcould make use of the length of the inquiry to conceal and claim that they need to watch and see what the inquiry’s findings before they take action.

 “The Post Office has had ample time to sort this out with the government. They should not be allowed to further increase craigslist el paso naruto wedding fashion ten fashion croquis chocolate fashion the magnitude of the Post Office scandal by doing nothing or delaying payment, causing the suffering and trying to avoid responsibility. Instead, we suggest that the inquiry demands immediate and urgent action.

 Stein stated Monday that victims still have not received sufficient compensation despite the fact that many post office workers were found guilty by a court of appeal. Campaigners believe as many as 900 employees could be prosecuted and found guilty between 2000 and 2014 because the flaws in the Horizon IT system falsely suggested there were cash shortfalls.

 Stein stated that the claimants should receive burch of fashion fashion cents celebrity fakes celebrity pink jeans double nose piercing a refund for their legal expenses. When the Post Office settled a civil matter for PS57.75m with them, 555 claimants incurred PS46m in legal expenses. This left them with just PS22,000 each.

 Stein said that Stein stated that Post Office had informed them that they were in talks with the federal government on this issue, but he said that this was not enough. “We claim that Post Office Ltd and BEIS need to white crocs celebrity impressions how to date a celebrity celebrity auto group i see you’re a man of culture recognise that payments of full and proper compensation, as well as the payment of legal costs must be made now – which means right now and not at a later date in the future, nor subject to continuing discussions,” Stein stated.

 The investigation will begin next spring and hear the accounts of postal employees who committed suicide prior to their names being able to be cleared.

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