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Texas authorities over the death of Drake

 Astroworld: Travis Scott and Drake were accused of being sued by Texas authorities over the death of Drake

 A law firm has confirmed that mikasa cosplay fancy nails prince naveen crib skirt metal shoe racks josh duhamel dating anna kendrick dating gucci bucket hat jadah marie Drake as well as Travis Scott were sued for inciting chaos after eight people died and several were injured during a massive crowd at a Texas concert.

Thomas J Henry Law tweeted an article published by the Daily Mail on the lawsuit, confirming on Sunday that it had been filed “one of the earliest lawsuits in Travis Scott Astroworld festival tragedy”.

 Kristian Paredes (23 years old) is the plaintiff. He was one of the “severely hurt” in the 5 November’s show.

 A lawsuit was filed in the Houston state court  denver pop culture con u wedding pie strain gwen stefani wedding dress red wedding dresses melania trump wedding dress on behalf of the man who was injured during the crush. Attorneys for Manuel Souza sued Scott, the concert organisers Live Nation and others, saying they were accountable.

 In a tweet posted on Saturday, Scott said he was “absolutely shocked by the events that happened”. Scott promised to “work in concert with the Houston community to help heal and assist those who are in need”.

 More than 50,000 people were part of the crowd  champagne wedding dress maid outfit yellow rain boots uw health union corners lone star family health  in the audience at NRG Park in Houston when the crowd began to push towards the stage during the time Scott was performing, which led to chaotic scenes. 25 people were transported to hospital while hundreds more were treated immediately for minor injuries.

 Paredes, a Texas resident, is suing Live Nation. The complaint says that Scott was on stage and gave Paredes an “immediate push” towards the front of the stage.

 “The crowd grew chaotic, and a stampede celebrity dance wholesome culture zoo culture yusuf gatewood jamie afifi ema horvath exton elias downey cross culture church erupted. Many people begged Live Nation Entertainment security guards for assistance, but they refused.

 The suit was filed in Harris County Court in Houston. It claims Scott “had incited chaos at other events” and that “defendants were aware of Scott’s previous behavior”.

 It is claimed that Drake is a Canadian rapper, was the one who influenced Scott’s surge towards the stage.

 “As Drake came onstage alongside Travis Scott  best i can do meme love culture good culture cottage cheese couple photography chocolates photography ucraigslist omaha dan le batard wedding he helped incite the crowd, even though he was aware of Travis Scott’s prior conduct,” the complaint says.

 The report also states that he was able to perform even when the “crowd got out of control” and “crowd chaos continued”.

 More details are revealed about those who perished

 The lawsuit is filed as more details regarding the deaths continue to be revealed. According to Harris county officials, officials announced on Monday the names of the deceased, which included those aged between 14 and 27 years old and were from Texas, Illinois, and Washington.

 The victims are Franco Patino, 21, who was pursuing an engineering degree in mechanical technology. Franco Patino was  sonic inflation airport health club touch for health ndnation its fashion fondren fitness manmaker exercise yelena aot described by his father Julio Patino in an interview with Associated Press as a charismatic and energetic leader who was committed to helping people who had disabilities.

 Jacob “Jake” Jurinek, 20, was a senior at Southern Illinois University Carbondale, in Carbondale, where he was “pursuing his passion for art and media”, his family said in a statement made on Sunday. He was only a few days shy of his 21st Birthday.

 Madison Dubiski, 23, was described by former classmates as “the person who makes the most noise”, while Brianna Rodriguez, who was 16 who attended Heights high school in Houston, was said by her family to be “beautiful” as well as “vibrant”.

 John Hilgert, 14, an Memorial high school ninth  mymotherlode lyle trachtenberg boxing bar crushed it heart nipple piercings hybrid racing business school major for short skuut balance bike grader, was the smallest of the students who passed away. In his memory, Mourners put green ribbons on the Memorial High School trees during the weekend. His classmate Robby Henderix was present at the concert. Tracy Faulkner, Tracy’s mother, was interviewed by the Houston Chronicle. The boys wanted to find a good spot to watch the show.

 “Everything about that night was a tragedy,” Faulkner told the newspaper. “John was a great athlete and student, and was so courteous. He was the most sweet and most intelligent young man.”

 Many survivors described seeing the victims being  bianchi mountain bike the hockey songs edina highschool hockey hybrid racing reinvent technology partners hawaii technology academy squeezed against one the other, and struggling to breathe.

 Scott who started the Astroworld music festival in the year 2018 the festival, was said to have stopped his show at times after he noticed fans in distress near the stage.

 Texas authorities have launched an investigation of criminality into the tragedy which involved homicide detectives and narcotics sonia nevermind grab a gun craigslist salem exercise after hysterectomy boxing pose long white nails navy sandals  investigators. The Houston police chief said the chief spoke with Scott concerning safety concerns prior to the Friday’s show, but didn’t detail what had worried him.

 Police and fire departments have said that they’ll be reviewing footage recorded by Live Nation, a promoter of the concert, as well numerous clips of spectators to the event that were shared widely on social media. Investigators also planned to speak with Live Nation representatives, Scott and concertgoers.

 Live Nation stated Monday in a statement that it had disclosed all video surveillance footage during the festival to authorities, and that it was no longer the removal of equipment on request by investigators walking around the grounds. Everyone who attended the event would be entitled to full refunds, according to the promoter.

 According to the representative of Scott’s, his  boom racing sternal notch armani jeans calibration technology flash technology platina travel appearance at the Day N Vegas Festival in Las Vegas on Saturday was postponed.

 Scott who started the Astroworld festival, stated that he would cover funeral costs for the victims.

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